One 2 One Soul Coaching


A profound one 2 one ceremony with Lauren has many layers to it and starts with:
– Shadow work – a deep dive into your subconscious and what is alive for you – solution based
– A sacred conscious connected Breathwork ceremony a livening your senses a moment for you to experience the mystery and magic of breath as medicine.
– Shamanic medicine which will reset, realign and recalibrate your system physically, emotionally , spiritually and mentally.
– Reiki
– Ice bath ceremony

The price is based on honesty from you. No judgement will be made on the amount you can afford. Choose which amount applies to you.



Lauren offers one 2 one private coaching and mentorship in a more intimate, safe private setting. Lauren has over 10 years experience in personal mentorship and corporate development.

All private coaching and mentorship courses seek to help you have a better understanding of the hidden forces that drive you and hold you back. Developing your communication skills

Increasing your confidence

Developing your emotional intimacy

Training your awareness through meditation and mindfulness.

Giving you a better understanding of the hidden forces that drive you and hold you back.

Exploring your self-limiting beliefs and gaining a better understanding of where they came from.

Transforming any pain into power and power into purpose as you explore childhood conditioning, wounding and programming.

Being held accountable, encouraged and empowered to reach your personal goals or targets.

Helping reduce and release any emotional blockages and trauma through holistic practises and shamanic healing.

Please contact Lauren to book in an initial call for a preliminary evaluation in which you will discuss your needs and what coaching programme is available to you to meet them.

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