6 Week Self Development Course October


A teaching module which takes a deeper looks at how you perceive the world and everyone in it.

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An authentic course created which weaves in ancient wisdom and honours sacred spiritual principles on your journey to enlightenment, self-development and self-mastery. Encouraging and teaching you to embody and honour your right to be wildly divine through practical exercises, beautiful ceremonies and profound theoretical teachings.

A teaching module which takes a deeper looks at how you perceive the world and everyone in it. Weaved into the 6 week course is wealth of education developing a deeper understanding of self-awareness, practical exercises and lessons for deep transformation if your committed to not only absorbing it but implementing it this course will teach you and encourage you too.

· Discover and use your voice, speaking your truth and standing in your power

· How to cultivate the courage to prioritise your needs getting comfortable being uncomfortable

· Establishing where we may lack in healthy boundaries and how to implement them in our life with grace

· How to communicate better and develop healthier relationships

· The art of emotional intelligence, Understanding empathy and cultivating genuine compassion for yourself and others.

· How to develop self-awareness and self-mastery living a truly liberating life

· Gratitude and why it is important

· A deeper look into childhood conditions, programming and trauma placed upon you and how it could be self-sabotaging and preventing you from living an abundant life full of inner peace.

· Understanding and becoming aware of the hidden forces that drives you through shadow work

· A better understanding on feminine and masculine energy and a blue print on how to balance and harmonise your life through changed behaviour, accountability and vulnerability

· How to navigate around turbulent emotions and any resistance to release as they come to the surface, honouring and fully feeling to heal

· How to embody and honour your full wild divine feminine essence

This 6 week course provides you with a safe container to dive deep into your subconscious bringing your shadows to light guiding you into alignment and supporting a deeper level of awareness within which will invite alchemy into your life in every area. The 6 week course includes 2 kundalini dearmouring sessions which are absolute magic for your physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing. The breath is the chariot to the soul and your very own medicine surrendering into the mystic magic of the breath will journey you far beyond the veil and invite you to release any stagnant energy, emotion and trauma, realign and recalibrate triggering deep metamorphous returning you to innocence as your ride on the coat tails of bliss.

You will also develop a deeper level of awareness through the art of meditation and functional breath work techniques which will be encouraged, taught and weaved throughout the course content which will also include guided inner child meditation, heart expanding cacao ceremony, self-healing shadow work circles, mirror work which will encourage self-confidence and expression igniting the sensual sexual energy that resides in us as divine creators and an ice bath ceremony which is known for its positive healing effects on the nervous system and overall wellbeing.

The course takes place in person every Wednesday with the first session being Wednesday 18th of October. It is based in 3 Broad Lane located in the northern area of Liverpool, Aughton L39 7HS. Weekly sessions start at 18.30 – 21.30. All sessions must be attended and there is an element of work to be completed at home.

Instalments available and deposit required.

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