We recommend you include the following kit list:

  1. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times this would be walking boots or shoes 
  2. Waterproof pants 
  3. T shirt 
  4. Jumper ( please see product page for our Wild Warrior Woman jumper ) 
  5. Cap or hat weather dependant 
  6. Socks 
  7. Waterproof jacket thick or thin weather dependant 
  8. Backpack – try to pack light as possible 
  9. Lunch and snacks 
  10. Plenty of water to hydrate 
  11. Small towel 
  12. Wear swim costume if possible under walking clothes 
  13. Small flat forest seat to sit on or blanket 
  14. Swimming shoes necessary for water 
  15. Buoyancy aid if you cannot swim and plan on doing so 
  16. Sun protection cream 

All our walk routes are pre tested and carefully chosen by warrior women leaders. As we incorporate a-lot of mindfulness activities such as meditation, Breathwork, yoga, embodied movement energy work, dancing and connection even though the day is long and for filling the walks are mostly suitable for beginners and rated easy or medium and suitable for many levels of fitness as there is a lot of stopping, sitting and practises that we anchor into. Please note there may be steps. Please check the walk description on each destination.

Car shares mostly leave from the north west and surrounding areas. We work on a volunteer basis in which women take turns to drive and pick up women in their area. We place 2 drivers in one vehicle with non drivers. In the event the driver cancels we ask the other driver to kindly drive. Everyone who is in a vehicle fairly contributes and shares petrol money and parking with the driver this normally equates to £10 each if the car is full due to petrol price increases. We take no responsibility for any injuries or damages sustained when in a vehicle and you travel at your own risk.

We have a limited number of women who come from other areas in the United Kingdom who drive alone. Anyone is welcome to meet us at our starting destination and 5 days before the walk is due you will be added to a group with destination details and time of arrival. 

Strictly over 18 only. This is due to the content we teach and for women to feel safe to share and be without worry.

Most walks include a variety of different practices which are not limited to self healing share circle in-which a topic is taught to deepen your self awareness, some form of functional Breathwork, meditation, embodied movement, yoga, kundalini, dance, empowerment and energy work. Each walk is different and the leaders have the right to intuitively amend what is taught on the day based on weather conditions, time and ability without complaint, refund or exchange.

Most of the locations we travel to include lakes, seas and other watered areas in which women like to embrace. As beautiful as it is, this is not part of our itinerary and if you do choose to dip or swim we remind you this is your full responsibility and independent decision. We suggest you seek medical advice before entering cold water and read up on the benefits, side effects and possible dangers of outdoor swimming.

We normally leave around 6:45/7am based on arrival time and length of drive to destination after meeting other women in your area. You should be home for no later than 8pm unless for circumstances out of our control.

As our walks are designed to help support women’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual well-being we offer a safe non judgement environment and most if not all of the women you see on the wild warrior women walks found the courage to book and come alone. This is necessary in most circumstances as it allows you to share your vulnerability, connect with like minded women on a similar healing journey and make new abundant connections whilst working on your own positive mindset. You will be embraced, supported and celebrated.

As our walks are mostly out in nature and off grid in most parts, toilets are limited. Please contact us further if you have additional needs to see if the walk is suitable.

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