Everyone has a story

Lauren MeditatingEveryone has a certain experience within their lives that has changed them but has yours left you helpless, defeated, drowning in self pity, life less, lost or stale?
Is the world forever on your shoulders, nothing ever goes your way?
Has what happened to you, who left you, abandoned you, neglected & abused you now defined the lack of love you radiate, the trust you have, the way in which you see & be in this world?
Maybe you’ve settled for a mediocre love & a mediocre life.

I could never settle for long, the hunger pains & thirst left an undeniable lingering taste in my mouth, a longing, a heart wrenching appetite, a magnetic pull for more of what I was never sure.

My deepest fear is not that I am inadequate but that I am powerful beyond measure, my deepest fear is that my capability of limitless expression & expansion will not be delivered to this world, that I will not tune into my greatness as life times of suppression & self limiting fear rears it’s ugly head.

Everyday I go to war with my self, my thoughts aren’t always heavenly & pristine. Their mostly dark, dangerous & destructive but I’ve become the alchemist witnessing & welcoming these thoughts transmuting them into the light after days of slumming it in the sewers of my mind.

My heart is a gateway to another galaxy & if you could hold the space for my darkness, my thoughts, my visuals & creative flare would journey you there.

Maybe you’ve already became the story teller & your wounds have became your wisdom. Maybe you ride the waves of the strident edge of your pain which takes you to the other side of glory.
Maybe your heart being ripped open & the raw suffering you felt allows you to love those who desperately turn away from it & need it
Maybe you’re the reason someone feels hope , Someone feels inspired to create
Maybe the love language you speak ignites in another a deep remembrance of why we came here
Maybe your story & your existence leads someone back to their dreams, to their heart, to their purpose
Maybe your existence makes someone unravel & blows them apart?
Maybe you are someone’s epiphany triggering a colourful catalyst of metamorphosis symphonies
I am truly grateful for every experience and situation I have partaken, especially the moments I have abandoned my self. The calling back of my fragmented particles is the resurrection to my soul. If you are struggling today please know better days are coming, bring your self home to your heart do not be scared of falling apart.
The descent makes for the ascension, like a Phoenix to the flame. Let your self turn to dusk baby girl and return and rise again