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Experience a profound journey reconnecting with nature, fellow women, and your inner self. The Wild Warrior Women empower you to transform pain into strength, challenges into opportunities, and wounds into healing, guiding you to embrace love and assert your personal power.

Find your voice by embracing discomfort, supported by unwavering faith and a community of Wild Warrior Women. Our focus is on fostering self-awareness across emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual realms, paving the way for you to realize your highest potential in love, career, and life.

Receive comprehensive guidance and unprecedented support as you embark on a voyage of self-discovery, equipped with the knowledge and tools to heal, grow, and authentically express yourself. Unleash your untamed feminine essence upon the world.

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Hi, I'm Lauren!

I am here to remind you that ..

  • You can turn your pain into power
  • You can transmute your troubles into treasure
  • You can let go of the resistance that is holding you back
  • You can step into your greatest potential
  • You do deserve to reclaim your wild feminine heart and submit to love again
  • You can cultivate the courage to change
  • You can bathe in abundance
  • You can have inner peace
  • You do deserve to release the anger, shame and guilt
  • You can be truly happy
  • You are worthy of radical acceptance, self compassion and respect
  • Self development and self awareness is the new sexy pass it on

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